About MFC

Mod Flanders Conspiracy was an early 2000's band from Northern Virginia that found ways to intertwine Metal, Jazz, Funk, Emo, Hardcore, Math Metal and Latin with strategically-placed assaults of slide whistles, barbershop quartets, pornography and instructional "do-it-yourself" manuals for the skilled automobile fanatic. Their two independent releases 'Take a Ride on My One-Wheeled Rickshaw' and '...the tragic urn spill...' remain available on itunes and through CDBaby.

The band is currently scattered around the United States in various side projects, preparing fortnightly for our 2037 reunion tour. See you then!


  • Mike Horn - Bass
  • Bill Collis - Drums
  • Greg Bayliss - Vocals
  • Josh Nicklay - Guitars (2001-2002)
  • Pete Collis - Guitars (2002 -2005)
  • Scott Coldwell - Guitars (2005)